- Enter activation code - Search and you will find this official link for Roku Activation. Alternatively you can directly go to and Enter Activation code to activate roku device. Check steps for roku account setup & add channels from Your Roku Device using roku link code.

How to activate Roku device?

After getting your Roku Activation Code, the user is then required to activate the account to enjoy the streaming channels easily. The steps to activate the account are mentioned below:

  1. Switch your Roku Device with your smart TV.
  2. Note the Roku activation code appearing on the screen.
  3. Now, log in to Roku account at using right login credentials.
  4. Enter Roku activation code and complete the roku activation process of Roku link code with ease.

How to Link my Roku to the Network to Initiate its Activation via

  1. During the installation process, the network activation process will take place.
  2. At first, choose the appropriate connection mode for network setup.
  3. Keep calm for the automatic search procedure to start.
  4. Scan to speed up and to find the networks easily.
  5. Further, choose wireless settings.
  6. And the key in the network credentials.
  7. Wait for the green tickmark to that indicate the network connection status.